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Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Marva!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This month, Opal Stork Home Care is honored to highlight Marva. She exemplifies our mission of care, compassion, and commitment in everything that that she does. Marva came to Opal Stork Home Care with over 20 years of experience. We are so fortunate to have Marva on the OSHC team.

What brought you to Opal Stork Home Care?

Sometime last winter, my sister-in-law referred me to the agency she was working for which just so happened to be Opal Stork!

How did you get into caregiving?

Oh it's been so long, what- 20 years since I've been doing this. I just love, love taking care of the elderly, it's part of my DNA. When I first started I went to school for nursing. The issue was, in Jamaica, the list to find a nursing job was so long that by the time I got called I was already set to move to the U.S. While here, I ultimately received my CNA license and became a caregiver.

What is a special memory that you have made as a caregiver?

I took care of my mom for over 10 years before she passed, I had taken care of other patients but when I saw my mom getting sick I said why not take care of her. And now, I have even more of an enthusiasm coming into work and taking care of the elderly after my experience with my mom.

As a daughter caring for your mom do you believe that you prolonged her life?

Yes, yes and that makes me more humble saying that I can help someone when they need the help, when they are at the lowest point in their lives. It’s good for them to know that we are here for them, I am here. It’s not about me, it’s about the things that I do. It's the Christ in me because He says we must take care of our elders so it is truly a part of me.

What has your experience been with Opal Stork clients thus far?

Every single client I've had with Opal Stork has fallen in love with me (laughs), I'm not joking every single one! One of my favorite little ladies, Miss H [a late-stage dementia patient], I truly miss her. Her family had to stop service because of COVID. She was so special to me, she was tough but she was special. I actually met her 20-years ago when we both worked for the JCC. Even back then she was one tough lady. She really did take a little piece of my heart, I miss her. Currently, I work for Miss E who is such a darling! She is so independent and so secure which is what I love to see. Even when you're at a certain age, as long as you look at age as just a number, you will be okay.

As a veteran in this field, do you have any advice for caregivers on the rise?

Don’t come in because of the money, you have to caretake from your heart. There’s nothing more gratifying than coming in from your heart.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of work?

Dancing, cooking, looking at the beach, gardening. I can cook anything and everything.

Any last words on Opal Stork Home Care?

The agency is wonderful. They look out for their patients and employees. And my boss Sandra (laughs and smiles), she is awesome.

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