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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

The Stork Difference

We founded Opal Stork Home Care with a promise to perform the best care with compassion, and commitment to anyone in need of quality home care services. Since opening our doors in 2017, we’ve had the esteemed honor to serve numerous clients, spreading “The Stork Difference” across the state.

What’s The Stork Difference?

Well, it started with our name Opal Stork Home Care. Opal comes from the sanskrit word upala meaning “precious stone.” It has traditionally symbolized hope, purity, and truth. We treat everyone in our charge like an opal because they are precious gems.

Stork stems from the old folklore where a bird is responsible for delivering the baby to its mother. A common saying within Jamaican culture is “once a man, twice a child.” With our founder being Jamaican, she wanted the stork to represent the roles reversing. That time in one’s life where the child takes on the responsibilities once held by their parents.

The Stork Difference is delivering quality care directly to your home with care, compassion, and commitment.

We chose a name indicative of the way you can expect us to work in your household. After a free consultation with a member from our geriatric care management team, we’ll then choose the best caregiver for your family based on expertise and compatibility measures. Once selected, we closely monitor the placement for 90-days and then move to a bi-monthly check in schedule thereafter. We offer 24/7 non-stop, around the clock support, come rain or shine, holiday or down time, you can rely on Opal Stork Home Care to show up for you and your families.

To experience The Stork Difference for yourself, schedule a free consultation with someone at our team by calling 203-745-4080.

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