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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Meet Opal Stork Home Care's Caregiver of the Quarter for Spring 2021!

Dwayne is a caregiver that has been with Opal Stork Home Care since our beginning. He has worked with over half a dozen Opal Stork clients in the last few years and has been met with glowing reviews. This award is given to caregivers who have been nominated by clients or administrative staff with the winner receiving a VISA gift card and official certificate. During the selection process, we consider the caregivers' punctuality, friendliness, client feedback, skill, and willingness to learn. Dwayne’s gentle method of care, compassion for people, and commitment to his clients made him an obvious choice for our Spring 2021 Caregiver of the Quarter.

During a sit-down interview with Dwayne, I was surprised to learn that Opal Stork Home Care was his first “real” caregiving job. Before Opal Stork, he was working in an elementary school library but he did not feel fulfilled in this position stating it felt like “just another job.”

Around this time, his father became ill and he took on the role of primary caregiver for his dad. While caring for him, Dwayne realized his passion as a caregiver. There was something that felt right about helping someone unable to help themselves. By chance, a friend referred Dwayne to an up-and-coming home care agency, Opal Stork Home Care, and we’ve been grateful to have him with us ever since!

Now equipped with a half-a-decades worth of caregiving experience, Dwayne speaks on his clients with nothing but reverence and respect, “every day is a special day talking to them and I just love to make them feel happy.” Many Opal Stork clients frequently call our office to inquire about Dwayne’s availability as he typically becomes the preferred caregiver wherever he is placed. When asking Dwayne how to obtain success as a caregiver he leaves us with this advice, “You got to love what you do. Be punctual, be on time. Don’t do it for the paycheck, you have to love your job because the client can feel the difference between someone with passion and someone who is just taking up space.”

On the rare days that Dwayne does take off, he enjoys cooking and playing soccer. “Steamed fish is my specialty,” he says with a coy smile. As an agency, we continue to be grateful for Dwayne's commitment to both his clients and Opal Stork Home Care. We are honored to have him on our team and present him with the Caregiver of the Quarter award.

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