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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Remaining Safe as Autumn Approaches

In addition to prioritizing care, compassion, and commitment in everything that we do, Opal Stork Home Care emphasizes safety. Experience the Stork Difference!

According to the Center for Disease Control, these recommendations can minimize your risk of COVID-19 this fall if you:

  • Stay healthy, enjoy foods that will boost your immune system, not weaken it. Blueberries, garlic, and moringa tea are great for your immune system while foods high in refined sugars and carbs can make you even more susceptible to getting sick.

  • Wash your hands frequently! Before and after meals, using the bathroom, cooking, touching the gas pump or public door handles, and exchanging currency. If you don’t have immediate access to warm water and soap, always keep a hand sanitizer with you.

  • Keep your surface clean whether your home or in your clients home. Simply wipe the counters at least once a day with warm water and soap.

  • Social distancing! Remain 6 feet apart from others especially when you are in a public space.

  • Limit public outings to one family member per household i.e. grocery stores, doctors appointments etc.

  • Limit indoor recreational outings and opt for a walk or a home movie night.

  • Masks, masks, and more masks! Protect yourself and others while out in public.

Here is what Opal Stork Home Care Transport can do for you in these times:

  • Getting you to your doctor’s appointment on time and safely.

  • Picking up your medications or taking you to get labs drawn.

  • Pick up and deliver your groceries.

  • Support our clients by staying connected. We are available virtually, by telephone, and in-person.

If you have been exposed to COVID 19 or are experiencing symptoms...get tested! There are many testing centers in Connecticut that are free for CT residents.

Call us at 800-929-9317 or 203-745-4080 for transport or home care needs.

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