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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Festivities for the Fall

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Cozy sweaters, colorful leaves, and of course, warm apple pie. These are some things that are reminiscent of fall. As the weather gets colder and the holidays near, it’s important to plan activities with your elder loved ones and not just for them. With no plans to fully reopen the country soon, our senior family members may feel stressed, stagnant, or isolated which could lead to depression, anxiety, or even expedite dementia. There’s still so much we can do in Autumn, so consider one of these activities to spend time with your grandparents this week.

Pumpkin Patch

Taking a trip to the pumpkin patch can be akin to travelling back in time. It can bring you back to memories when you were a youngster and your parents would make a day of picking out the perfect pumpkin for you to carve. The same thrill that you had as a kid, you can in turn give to your own children and also your parents. Watch their face lighten up as they take their own promenade down memory lane while simultaneously enjoying the new memories being made.

Taking a Stroll

One of the best things about living in New England is the gorgeous fall foliage. The bright reds, vivid yellows, and alluring greens can make for a pleasurable walk as your eyes take in the scenery. The cooler weather may also make it easier for our elder loved ones to enjoy nature as the heat can be a bit much for them in the summer. While a longer walk through the park may be great for some, a simple walk down the street may be better for others. If their level of mobility is extremely limited, you can still accompany them in their power chairs so that they can still enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.


There is nothing better than walking into your home on a chilly fall day with the scent of brown sugar, warm apples, and vanilla filling your nostrils. Seasonal fruits such as rhubarbs, apples, and pumpkins can make the most delicious pies. It’s also the perfect time to share family recipes between generations. Baking is a great way to warm your home and fill your bellies.


Halloween is fun for more than just the kiddos. Having vampires, ghouls, and walking pumpkins come to your door with eager excitement can be a better treat than candy! Be sure to include your elderly loved ones in this fall tradition. Walking with the little ones from house to house could serve as great exercise and if they get a bit winded, handing out candy could be a great way to take a break.

Relaxing by the Fire

Whether you have an indoor fireplace or an outdoor firepit, the flames from a fall fire can be soothing to the soul. Gather your loved ones around the fire and disconnect from your phones, exchange stories, listen to music, and eat s'mores.

Decorate for the Fall

A well adorned home can lift the spirits of an isolated loved one. Using fall leaves, stuffed scarecrows, or pumpkins are great ways to add a festive flare to one’s assisted living apartment. Make a day of it! Visit your parents or grandparents to help decorate their home and then enjoy a homemade meal.

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