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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Keeping Opal Stork Drivers Safe During COVID-19.

Updated: May 27, 2020

In July 2019, Opal Stork Home Care launched non-emergency medical transportation as a service we provide. We provide both wheelchair accessible and ambulatory transport throughout the entirety of Connecticut and beyond. In light of the pandemic, Opal Stork is amplifying our efforts to provide a safe environment for our drivers and their passengers.

Sanitation is Key

Our driver’s sanitize the van before the first passenger, in between each passengers, and after the last passenger. All surfaces, seats, and floors are decontaminated during this process. Keeping our drivers and passengers healthy and safe on the go is our TOP priority.

Providing our Driver’s with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our drivers are equipped with all necessary PPE essentials to decrease the spread of COVID-19. If a passenger is in the car, our drivers are wearing gloves, a face mask, a face shield, and medical coveralls.

Mandatory Face Masks

Any individual riding with Opal Stork Transport must wear a face mask

Social Distancing

We ask our driver’s to maintain as much distance between themselves and their passengers as possible. All of our vehicles are equipped with automatic doors. Our drivers are permitted to help the passenger in and out of the vehicle only if assistance is requested.

“What makes me feel safe during this pandemic is knowing that the Transportation Coordinator, Islande, is only one phone call away. No matter the time, she’s always there if you need her.”

-Shakim Simmons, Driver for Opal Stork Transport

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