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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Opal Stork LAUNCHES our Product Delivery Service; Free for Existing Clients!

Opal Stork offers free Product and Grocery Delivery for current clients

During this hectic time, the Opal Stork Home Care team has been busy brainstorming ways that we can serve our community. In an effort to spread love and not COVID, we're offering the Product and Grocery Delivery service to individuals in New Haven county. Opal Stork will shop, pick up, and deliver your groceries, electronics, prescriptions, and more straight to your doorstep. In doing so, we hope to minimize the spread of the virus by decreasing the number of individuals leaving their homes during this global pandemic. Our drivers keep safe by wearing protective face masks, gloves, and limiting interaction with the customers by bringing the delivery to you. Opal Stork Product and Grocery Delivery will go to any store within New Haven county and have your products delivered straight to your doorstep in under 4 hours. To place an order, simply email or complete our form on the website. We’ll send you an intake where you can list all the supplies you need for up to three stores. Once your deposit is made, we’ll have your order delivered directly to you in under 4-hours!

And as a special thank-you to our current clients, all product and grocery delivery services are free from now until July 1!

Opal Stork Home Care, we wear the masks so you don’t have to.

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