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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Safe Summer Activities for Seniors During COVID-19

Summer in Connecticut is a beautiful thing. It’s best enjoyed on the shores of the Long Island Sound enjoying an ice-cream cone with family. Though COVID-19 has rendered summer vacations impossible for most folks, don’t let this pandemic hinder your summer fun.

~ Just Take Those Old Records Off the Shelf!

But you don’t have to listen to them by yourself. Play a few of your favorite records and take a stroll down memory lane. Go back in time to 1965 when Michael Jackson was the cutest star on T.V. or how about 1974 when KISS was one of the most talked about bands on the planet. Reminisce to the croons of your favorite artist with some of your favorite people.

~ Do you Know the Muffin Man?

Well if you don’t, now is the time to get to know him! That recipe that you’ve been wanting to try out since Rock Hudson was on Dynasty, make it! Take this rare moment in time to enjoy your grandmother’s famous apple pie or get creative and make something entirely new. If you already know how to cook, better your skills; if not, use this quarantine to learn!

~ At Night, I’m a Junk Food Junkie

Okay so cooking is not your forte, we get it. Luckily, a large number of restaurants are offering contactless delivery, some for the first time. Whether you are craving a filet mignon or pepperoni pizza, your favorite meal can be delivered directly to your doorstep. Skip the dishes tonight and order in!

~ Computerized, Digital Love

Social Distancing is a vital act in the fight against COVID-19. However, this doesn't mean you can’t talk to your loved ones. In 2020, technology allows us to video chat with our grandchildren or call a friend. And while social media allows us to keep up with our loved ones every happenings, an old-fashioned letter is still a lovely way to remind someone you care. Be sure to take advantage of all the ways one can connect in 2020.

~ Let’s Go to the Movies

Nowadays there are so many streaming options to watch your favorite movies (some may say too many). From Casanova to Casablanca, you can find it all with a click of a remote. Need a night out? Not to fret! There are several drive-in movie theatres in Connecticut including Southington Drive-In and Mansfield Drive-In Theatre and Marketplace.

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