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  • Zara Ayanna Salmon

Welcoming Jassette Blackford to the Opal Stork Office Team

This past summer, the Opal Stork Home Care office team expanded to include Jassette Blackford, our Homecare Specialist. A jack of all trades, Jassette brings with her a wealth of knowledge in marketing, office management, and home care. We invite our audience to join us in welcoming Jassette by reading her candid conversation with our Community Liaison, Zara Ayanna Salmon.

Jassette performs many of her duties out of the office, venturing out to nursing homes, hospitals, and various other facilities that cater to seniors to spread the word about Opal Stork Home Care and Transportation. It was in the springtime when Sandra, our Geriatric Care Manager, presented her with the opportunity to join Opal Stork Home Care as the Homecare Specialist. We had been looking for someone to fill the role for some time but there was something to Jassette’s warm presence, sophisticated smile, and sharp intellect that gave away to Sandra that she was the missing link for our Opal Stork office team.

“I met Sandra and she said to me, ‘I think this position suits you, so why not give it a try and if it doesn't work out, you can always go back to what you were doing before.’ I was like okay then not a problem, it’s not going to hurt to give it a try so I tried it, and I liked it and now I don't want to change it because I enjoy meeting new people, going new places, you know, just experiencing different things.”

Before working for Opal Stork, Jassette was what she humorously recalls, “a jack of all trades...master of some. I’ve done everything from marketing, sales, management, secretarial work, homecare, receptionist, and even a preschool teacher.” Of the many hats that she’s worn, Jassette does enjoy management the most. A self-described “no-nonsense, go-getter,” the attention she pays to detail made her perfect for marketing. It’s one of the reasons why she accepted the role at Opal Stork, “we may be young, we may be small, but we’re very detailed and very effective and that's what sets us apart from the other agencies.”

Having been the Homecare Specialist for Opal Stork for just about three months now, Jassette has been enjoying the work environment. “I have had many special moments here by simply laughing and having fun with the OS family. I really, really, really cherish those moments and I pray that it lasts forever.”

Outside of work, Jassette enjoys dancing, cooking, laughing, singing, and playing with her little ones. “I'm a closet dancer, I love to dance but I can't dance (laughs). I just do my thing. At the very least, my kids always cheer me on though.” Looking towards the future, Jassette plans to take Opal Stork to the next level, “the sky's the limit. And if we miss the sky we can always go for the stars.”

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